• Bottles crates can be used to transfer filled or empty lab bottles, sampling bottles & plastic bottles in a secure manner. Basis on usage application, customised aluminium or SS crates can be supplied with 4, 6, 8 or 12 pockets.
  • Amber/clear boston round bottle is distinctive in its classic shape. Characteristic of the boston round are its rounded shoulders and rounded base. Glass has high clarity, can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has extremely high resistance to heat and cold. It is great for storing essential oils. All glass is lead free. This container is amber, a rich and vibrant orange-brown. In the case of glass, this amber color is made by mixing sulfur, iron and carbon into the base glass. Amber containers are shaded from light amber to almost black. This amber color provides some UV protection for light-sensitive products.

    Bottle Size Height (cm) Diameter (cm) Packing Size
    4oz 11.4 5.0 125 pcs / crtn
    8oz 14.0 6.1 96 pcs / crtn
    16oz 17.4 7.5 60 pcs / crtn
    32oz 21.0 9.3 24 pcs / crtn

    Phenolic Lined Caps

    Phenolic lined caps form an exceptionally tight seal and offer a good chemical barrier. This liner molds itself around the sealing areas of the finish as the cap is screwed on, virtually eliminating leakage, evaporation, contamination, binding and backing off. Great for everything from liquids, to soaps, to macro-invertebrates.

  • High quality plastic or metal closures for glass bottles and containers in accordance with application requirement can be supplied with needed additional linears or septas.
  • Oil Gauging tapes are most important tool for anyone who needs to measure the depth of oil in storage tanks and other containers. Our product range covers various brands (Rither, Lufkin etc.) of heavy duty tapes of different sizes (10mtr to 50 mtr) with accessories like plump bobs and earthing cable. Also we can offer tapes with high grade plastic ergonomic handles and wooden handles.
  • Draeger Gas Detection Tubes are used to detect hundreds of different gases. The tubes are glass vials filled with a chemical reagent that reacts to a specific chemical or family of chemicals. A calibrated 100ml sample of air is drawn through the tube with a Draeger bellows pump. If the targeted chemical(s) is present, the reagent in the tube changes color, and the length of the color change typically indicates the measured concentration. Select the appropriate Draeger Tube according to the chemical hazard to be tested and the required measuring range. Drager Tubes are known for being
    • Accurate
    • Easy to Read
    • Fast
    • Flexible
    • Specific
  • Portable gas detectors measure and indicate the concentration of certain gases (H2S, O2, CO) in an air via different technologies. Typically employed to prevent toxic exposure and fire, gas detectors are often battery operated devices used for safety purposes. They are manufactured as portable or stationary (fixed) units and work by signifying high levels of gases through a series of audible or visible indicators, such as alarms, lights or a combination of signals.
  • Containers Make Capacity Filling Pressure
    Steel Sampling Bottles SS 316 100 ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml 200 kg/cm2
    • Gas Sampling Bomb (Cylinder): SS316 with Needle Valve Both Ends For sampling of hydrocarbon gases.
    • Operating Temp: -40°C to 200°C
    • Design & Construction: To meet ASME non- fired boiler pressure vessel code VIII & is 2825 for a pressure of 100 bar and are hydro -statically pressure tested to 200bar. Maximum working pressure of 100 bar. The test pressure & capacity must etched on each sample cylinder.
    • Material of Construction: It is made from Stainless Steel 316 heavy gauge wall thickness seamless pipe with conical shape reducer (without welded) at two ends. Both ends connection suit to SS 316 needle valve 1/4 inch NPT. and some cylinders are needed with PTFE coated for LPG and other gases and liquids sampling Additional accessories with quick connector coupling and double braided flexible hose pipe as per requirement.
    • Thickness of coating should be minimum 25 to 30 micron or better.
    • Temperature resistance: -100C to 260°C.
    • SS Quick Connectors (push in type)
    • Rapture Disc Unit (over pressure protection)
    • Pigtails (1mtr Hose)
    • Outage Tube Adaptor
  • In a mercury thermometer, a glass tube is filled with mercury and a standard temperature scale is marked on the tube. With changes in temperature, the mercury expands and contracts, and the temperature can be read from the scale. Mercury thermometers can be used to determine body, liquid, and vapor temperature. Mercury thermometers are used in households, laboratory experiments, and industrial applications. Thermometers are used in:
    • Power plants and piping
    • Chemical tanks and vats
    • Heating and cooling equipment
    • Breweries, canneries
    • Bakeries, candy making
    • Dairies, ships
    • Wineries and distilleries
    • Paint kettles
  • ASMAS trading offers a full range of laboratory glassware, plasticware and consumables. The product range covers wide selection of beakers, funnels, measuring cylinders, tubes, burettes, disposable pipettes, test tubes with precise and accurate measurement. Take advantage of the benefits ASMAS Trading offers for your laboratory.
    • Certified quality for high standards
    • Professional product range
    • Fair market prices
    • Maximum delivery readiness
  • Popular in the fishing and shipping industries to find the Apparent Density of sea/fresh water, these measurements help determine the amount of cargo that can be loaded onto bulk carrying cargo vessels.
    • Hydrometer ranges from 0.600 to 1.050
    • 330mm (13”) long
    • Lead free ballast and glass
    • Individually serialized
    • Temperature standardization: 15°C
    • Packaged with a multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST
    • Division: 0.0005 Kg/L & Accuracy: ±0.0005 kg/L


    A steel tight head drum manufactured in accordance with the UN packaging specification, and satisfies the provisions of the packaging and packaging waste directive 94/62/EC. Tested for Packaging Groups l, ll, lll.


    G2 & G 3⁄4 Tri-Sure steel closures Closing Torque[ 1 LITRES / 5 LITRES / 11 LITRES ] :-  G2= 25 N/m Closing Torque[ 25 LITRES ] :-  G2= 25 N/m G 3⁄4 = 15 N/m

    Additional Specification

    Specification 1 LITRES 5 LITRES / 11 LITRES 25 LITRES
    Side Seam Welded Welded Welded
    End Seams Double Seamed & Solutioned Double Seamed & Solutioned Double Seamed & Solutioned
    Rolling Hoops None None Optional
    Handle None Wire Drop handle Strap handle
    Internal Finish Plain/ Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Plain/ Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Plain/ Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer
    External Finish Stoving Enamel Stoving Enamel Stoving Enamel
    Volume Steel Plate Thickness (mm) Weight UN Approval
    Top End Body Bottom
    1 Litre Nominal 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/.05mm 0.44 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/500/**/GB/6880
    5 Litre Nominal 1.0mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 1.0mm +/.05mm 1.8 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/250/**
    11 Litre Nominal 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 1.0mm +/-.05mm 2.5 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/250/**/GB/0390
    25 Litre Nominal 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/.05mm 3.1 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/400/**/GB/2432
  • Safe phones are designed for voice communication in the hostile environment where reliability, efficiency and safety are of prime importance. These phones are suitable for indoor or outdoor harsh environment. Individual phone kit includes charger, headphone and instructions manual. Desktop charger and/or battery can be supplied additionally if required.
  • Metal Container with Screw Caps and Seals:

    Rectangular Cans:

    Rectangular Cans in different cross-sections (162 x 90 mm, 166 x 103 mm, 175 x 108 mm), and of capacities ranging from 1.25 litres to 6 litres, with different types of closures such as Metal Screw Necks and Caps, or Plastics Pull-up Spouts. These cans are typically used for Lubricants, Edible Oil, Thinners, Chemicals, etc.

    Cylindrical/Round Cans:

    Cylindrical in Shape, pails are used for storing chemical, oil, paint and thinner. Pail can parts include bottom, body, lug lid, ear lug and handle. Cylindrical drums of capacities ranging from 10 litres to 25 litres, with Plastic or Metal Screw Caps, or Plastics Pull-up Spouts.

    Packing Details:

    Cans will be packed in small bundle (as per of cans size) with red/yellow strap and whole lot will be secured with poly-film with support of wooden pallets to avoid any damages during loading/unloading and bundle packing allows individual user to transfer material in easy manner as and when required. Inserts will be supplied in separate export worthy cartoon packing.

    N.B. Users should satisfy themselves that the type of containers including all material closures and coatings are suitable and compatible with the products to be contained.

  • ASMAS Trading offers range of customised security seals for various applications.
    • Container bolt seals
    • Metal strip seals
    • Plastic cable seals
    • Plastic padlock seals
    • High security cable seals
    Colour, brand logo and serial nos. can be adopted basis on end user requirement.

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