• Water Finding Paste is water detection systems used to aid in the detection of water within fuel supplies. Water Finding Paste is normally used in the petroleum industry to monitor and detect moisture levels in various fuel types. 80% of fuel contamination with water occurs from naturally present moisture levels from the atmosphere condensing within the fuel storage tanks. Other contributing factors towards this problem is the failure of fuel transfer or fuel storage equipment. That is bad seals within tank covers or holes in underground tanks where the tank is below the water table all allowing the gradual seepage of water into the fuel reserves. Oil finding paste is used for checking the depth of fuels for Diesel, Bio-diesel, Kerosene, or Gasoline in fuel tanks. This fuel finding paste can be used in the petroleum industry to detect the presence of oil. The paste makes it easier to see the level of fuel when reading the measurement on a dipstick. To indicate the level of fuel the paste will change the colour as soon as it comes in contact with oil. This fuel finding paste does not expire and will always keep best when stored in a cool dry place with temperatures not exceeding 46 degrees Celsius or below -0.5 degrees.
  • Product features:
    • Product Type: RTD thermometer
    • CE compliance: Yes
    • Max temperature (º C): 204
    • Min temperature (º F): -40
    • Max temperature (º F): 400
    Product description: The thermo probe are designed as rugged, field-use, portable precision digital thermometers., involving volume-temperature gauging of petroleum and chemical products. Convenient design allows for easy retrieval of the cable probe and eliminates the need to bring the probe to the surface to take multiple readings. Typical applications include custody transfers, tanks, pipelines, ships, railcars, barges, tanker trucks, and proving systems. Intrinsically safe meters are manufactured of materials which are both immune to petrochemicals and are non-sparking. The probe assembly is constructed with a very flexible, Static-dissipating, aramid fiber reinforced, nonstick cable and stainless steel components. Large LCD displays temperature, Plus arrows indicate the direction of the temperature reading and whether stability has been reached. Stabilized temperatures can be logged at numerous liquid levels for a running average and later displayed for documenting. Advanced features, accessible through a user-friendly menu, include min/max/average reading, readout integrity, photo sensor-controlled backlight, selectable (°F/°C) unit of measure, battery status, and automatic shut-off. 9002605 Tp9 features a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel case and a wraparound design for retrieval of the cable with probe. What's included: 2 AA batteries and NIST traceable calibration report supplied by manufacturer. Intrinsically safe thermometer for accurate temperature measurement in bulk liquid storage tanks ideal alternative to hazardous glass thermometers reliable and stable RTD sensor technology accuracy ±0.2°F from 32 to 200°f (0 to 100°c) easy to calibrate and make adjustments using faceplate controls cable marked every 5 feet includes 4-point NIST traceable calibration report.
  • Sampler Type Material
    Bottle Cage Sampler (16oz & 32oz) Stainless Steel
    Zone Sampler Stainless Steel
    Running Sampler Stainless Steel
    Bottom Sampler Stainless Steel
    Application: To draw representative samples of crude oil and hydrocarbon products from marine shore tanks and vessel’s cargo tanks.
    • Zone samplers can be used for Spot sample at any level.
    • Cage samplers can be used for Running average sample, RVP Sample and spot sample.
    • Bottom sampler can be used to draw dead bottom tank sample.
    • Running samplers can be used for Spot level sample or All level average sample.
  • Sample Label assures that all products samples are reflecting adequate information to properly identify products and give warning statements to satisfy requirements by regulatory agencies, customers, and internal departments such as shipping and customer service. Feel free to get in touch to have your own customised high quality labels including brand logo, applicable hazardous / non-hazardous symbols.
  • Our focus is providing competitive range of safety gloves to protect users hands as safety gloves play a critical role in safe handling. We provide good range of selection of safety gloves to meet a various different range of handling applications in following manner.
    • Chemical Gloves
    • Cotton Gloves
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • Leather Gloves
    • Gardening Gloves
    • Oven Gloves
  • Septa (septum) are generally used as inert with screw caps, laboratory septa helps to protect the purity of samples and supports to maintain the pressure of carrier gases.
  • Quick release couplings are used for connecting and disconnecting various fluid lines. They are easy to use and safer than manual connections, they can be used simply by one hand push action without twisting or wrenching. Automatic locking during disconnection minimizes fluid loss.
  • ASMAS Trading offers range of customised security seals for various applications.
    • Container bolt seals
    • Metal strip seals
    • Plastic cable seals
    • Plastic padlock seals
    • High security cable seals
    Colour, brand logo and serial nos. can be adopted basis on end user requirement.
  • Metal Container with Screw Caps and Seals:

    Rectangular Cans:

    Rectangular Cans in different cross-sections (162 x 90 mm, 166 x 103 mm, 175 x 108 mm), and of capacities ranging from 1.25 litres to 6 litres, with different types of closures such as Metal Screw Necks and Caps, or Plastics Pull-up Spouts. These cans are typically used for Lubricants, Edible Oil, Thinners, Chemicals, etc.

    Cylindrical/Round Cans:

    Cylindrical in Shape, pails are used for storing chemical, oil, paint and thinner. Pail can parts include bottom, body, lug lid, ear lug and handle. Cylindrical drums of capacities ranging from 10 litres to 25 litres, with Plastic or Metal Screw Caps, or Plastics Pull-up Spouts.

    Packing Details:

    Cans will be packed in small bundle (as per of cans size) with red/yellow strap and whole lot will be secured with poly-film with support of wooden pallets to avoid any damages during loading/unloading and bundle packing allows individual user to transfer material in easy manner as and when required. Inserts will be supplied in separate export worthy cartoon packing.

    N.B. Users should satisfy themselves that the type of containers including all material closures and coatings are suitable and compatible with the products to be contained.

  • Safe phones are designed for voice communication in the hostile environment where reliability, efficiency and safety are of prime importance. These phones are suitable for indoor or outdoor harsh environment. Individual phone kit includes charger, headphone and instructions manual. Desktop charger and/or battery can be supplied additionally if required.


    A steel tight head drum manufactured in accordance with the UN packaging specification, and satisfies the provisions of the packaging and packaging waste directive 94/62/EC. Tested for Packaging Groups l, ll, lll.


    G2 & G 3⁄4 Tri-Sure steel closures Closing Torque[ 1 LITRES / 5 LITRES / 11 LITRES ] :-  G2= 25 N/m Closing Torque[ 25 LITRES ] :-  G2= 25 N/m G 3⁄4 = 15 N/m

    Additional Specification

    Specification 1 LITRES 5 LITRES / 11 LITRES 25 LITRES
    Side Seam Welded Welded Welded
    End Seams Double Seamed & Solutioned Double Seamed & Solutioned Double Seamed & Solutioned
    Rolling Hoops None None Optional
    Handle None Wire Drop handle Strap handle
    Internal Finish Plain/ Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Plain/ Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Plain/ Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer
    External Finish Stoving Enamel Stoving Enamel Stoving Enamel
    Volume Steel Plate Thickness (mm) Weight UN Approval
    Top End Body Bottom
    1 Litre Nominal 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/.05mm 0.44 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/500/**/GB/6880
    5 Litre Nominal 1.0mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 1.0mm +/.05mm 1.8 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/250/**
    11 Litre Nominal 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 1.0mm +/-.05mm 2.5 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/250/**/GB/0390
    25 Litre Nominal 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/-.05mm 0.6mm +/.05mm 3.1 kg +/- 5% 1A1/X/400/**/GB/2432
  • Popular in the fishing and shipping industries to find the Apparent Density of sea/fresh water, these measurements help determine the amount of cargo that can be loaded onto bulk carrying cargo vessels.
    • Hydrometer ranges from 0.600 to 1.050
    • 330mm (13”) long
    • Lead free ballast and glass
    • Individually serialized
    • Temperature standardization: 15°C
    • Packaged with a multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST
    • Division: 0.0005 Kg/L & Accuracy: ±0.0005 kg/L
  • ASMAS trading offers a full range of laboratory glassware, plasticware and consumables. The product range covers wide selection of beakers, funnels, measuring cylinders, tubes, burettes, disposable pipettes, test tubes with precise and accurate measurement. Take advantage of the benefits ASMAS Trading offers for your laboratory.
    • Certified quality for high standards
    • Professional product range
    • Fair market prices
    • Maximum delivery readiness
  • In a mercury thermometer, a glass tube is filled with mercury and a standard temperature scale is marked on the tube. With changes in temperature, the mercury expands and contracts, and the temperature can be read from the scale. Mercury thermometers can be used to determine body, liquid, and vapor temperature. Mercury thermometers are used in households, laboratory experiments, and industrial applications. Thermometers are used in:
    • Power plants and piping
    • Chemical tanks and vats
    • Heating and cooling equipment
    • Breweries, canneries
    • Bakeries, candy making
    • Dairies, ships
    • Wineries and distilleries
    • Paint kettles
  • Containers Make Capacity Filling Pressure
    Steel Sampling Bottles SS 316 100 ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml 200 kg/cm2
    • Gas Sampling Bomb (Cylinder): SS316 with Needle Valve Both Ends For sampling of hydrocarbon gases.
    • Operating Temp: -40°C to 200°C
    • Design & Construction: To meet ASME non- fired boiler pressure vessel code VIII & is 2825 for a pressure of 100 bar and are hydro -statically pressure tested to 200bar. Maximum working pressure of 100 bar. The test pressure & capacity must etched on each sample cylinder.
    • Material of Construction: It is made from Stainless Steel 316 heavy gauge wall thickness seamless pipe with conical shape reducer (without welded) at two ends. Both ends connection suit to SS 316 needle valve 1/4 inch NPT. and some cylinders are needed with PTFE coated for LPG and other gases and liquids sampling Additional accessories with quick connector coupling and double braided flexible hose pipe as per requirement.
    • Thickness of coating should be minimum 25 to 30 micron or better.
    • Temperature resistance: -100C to 260°C.
    • SS Quick Connectors (push in type)
    • Rapture Disc Unit (over pressure protection)
    • Pigtails (1mtr Hose)
    • Outage Tube Adaptor

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