Water Finding Paste is water detection systems used to aid in the detection of water within fuel supplies. Water Finding Paste is normally used in the petroleum industry to monitor and detect moisture levels in various fuel types.

80% of fuel contamination with water occurs from naturally present moisture levels from the atmosphere condensing within the fuel storage tanks. Other contributing factors towards this problem is the failure of fuel transfer or fuel storage equipment. That is bad seals within tank covers or holes in underground tanks where the tank is below the water table all allowing the gradual seepage of water into the fuel reserves.

Oil finding paste is used for checking the depth of fuels for Diesel, Bio-diesel, Kerosene, or Gasoline in fuel tanks. This fuel finding paste can be used in the petroleum industry to detect the presence of oil. The paste makes it easier to see the level of fuel when reading the measurement on a dipstick. To indicate the level of fuel the paste will change the colour as soon as it comes in contact with oil. This fuel finding paste does not expire and will always keep best when stored in a cool dry place with temperatures not exceeding 46 degrees Celsius or below -0.5 degrees.